My scale measures only my weight, not my body fat

Measurement of body fat mass can only be made under these two conditions:

  1. The measurement is done barefoot, feet properly positioned on the 4 electrodes.
  2. The user is identified by the scale.

Make sure that the silhouette icon appears below the Wi-Fi icon when body fat result is displayed during the measurement. 

If it doesn't appear, it means that the scale didn't identify you.

1. Make sure you have well been added as a new user of the scale. How to add a new user.

2. Make sure the difference between the weight measured by the scale and the weight registered in your profile is less than +/-3Kg (+/-6.1 lbs). Edit your weight in your profile if the difference is higher than +/-3Kg (+/-6.1 lbs). MENU > Edit Profile > Weight


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