Bluetooth sync problem

First, make sure that:

  • Date and time are well visible on your iHealth Wave
  • Bluetooth on your smartphone is well turn on
  • The app iHealth MyVitals is well open on your iHealth account
  • The app iHealth MyVitals isn't open on your account on another smartphone

If you still have problems, restart your iHealth Wave by performing a "Restart Complete".

Restart complete

1. Plug your iHealth Wave on the USB charger provided as if you wanted to charge the battery. 
2. Press and hold the button on the side of the charger until "Restart Complete" appears on the screen of the iHealth Wave (about 10 seconds).

  • Note : A Restart complete doesn't delete settings such as alarms and doesn't erase unsynchronized data.

If you still can not synchronize your iHealth Wave with your smartphone, try also to restart your smartphone:

  1. Close all applications running in the background.
    • On an Apple device (iOS):
    • On an Android device: Open the Recent Apps menu and close all the apps. The method may be different from one Android smartphone to another – check your user manual.
  2. Turn off Bluetooth from the Setup menu on your smartphone.
  3. Restart your smartphone.
  4. Re-enable Bluetooth.
  5. Launch the application iHealth MyVitals and try to synchronize your iHealth Wave again.

Enable location permission (Android only)

If the problem persists again:

Since Android 6.0, it is necessary to share the location of the smartphone to allow Bluetooth connection.

So make sure you allowed the application MyVitals to access the position of your smartphone. You can check it going in Settings > Applications > Find iHealth app > Permissions > Enable location.

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