Can the iHealth Lite be used by several users?

Yes, of course you can use the iHealth Lite HS4S scale with multiple users.
For this, each user must have his own iHealth account. The iHealth app is multi-user so you can track multiple people from the same smartphone.
The iHealth Lite scale allows you to make Online measurements or Offline measurement.


Online measurement

An Online measurement is done with the iHealth MyVitals app open on his account and the balance connected to the smartphone. The result of the measurement is then directly saved in the user's account.

Note - When used by multiple users, ensure that only one iHealth MyVitals app is open on smartphones within range of Bluetooth to avoid any conflict in the assignment of results.


Offline measurement

An Offline measurement is done without the iHealth MyVitals application. The result of the measurement is then stored in the memory of the balance until the results are synchronized.
The synchronization is done automatically as soon as the scale is connected again to the iHealth MyVitals application (whatever the user is connected).
The data stored in the balance is uploaded to the iHealth secure cloud. Each user can then retrieve their data by going to MENU > Weight > Filter Data.



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