Offline measurement

An Offline measurement is a measurement made without the iHealth Gluco-Smart app open.

In this article we will see:


Taking an Offline measurement 

Before taking Offline measurements, you must:


  1. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. Prepare the lancing device.
  3. Insert a test strip in the blood glucose meter to turn it on.


  1. Take a blood specimen.


  1. Apply the blood specimen to the test strip.



  1. Wait 5 seconds. The measurement result is displayed on the blood glucose meter. 
  2. Using the ejection buttons, eject the test strip and lancet into the appropriate containers. 

Offline measurements are stored in the blood glucose meter's memory until they are synchronised with the iHealth Gluco-Smart app.  See How to synchronise Offline measurements.

Note - The blood glucose meter can store up to 500 measurements in memory.
When the memory is full, the oldest measurements in memory are overwritten by new measurements.


Reading measurements in memory

  1. Press and hold the Memory button for 3 seconds. The result from the last measurement is displayed.
  2. Each time the Memory button is pressed the display scrolls to the preceding measurement result.
  3. The blood glucose meter turns off after reading the last measurement in memory. 



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