iHealth Gluco (BG5) - Choice of the type of test strips

The iHealth Gluco blood glucose meter can be used with 2 types of test strips:

  • AGS-1000i (with QR code)
  • EGS-2003 (without QR code) 

Caution -  Once a type of test strip has been chosen, do not take any measurements with another type of test strip without first entering it in the app, as this may lead to incorrect results.
Your blood glucose meter must be connected to your smartphone to take the change of test strip type into account and to calibrate your blood glucose meter accordingly.


To select/change the type of test strip:

  1. Press the blood glucose meter button for 3 seconds to turn it on.
  2. Start the iHealth Gluco-Smart app and ensure that your blood glucose meter is connected to your smartphone (steady Bluetooth icon on your blood glucose meter).
  3. Go to MENU>Settings > Select the type of test strip > Save.

Caution -  If you use AGS-1000i (QR Code) type test strips, you must scan the QR Code on the vial to calibrate your blood glucose meter.





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