Operation and setting of silent alarms

You can set 2 types of alarm on your tracker: 

  • A sleep alarm 
  • Alarm of inactivity

Sleep alarm 

You can set up to 3 different alarms, each with an option of repeating (from never to each weekday). For example, you can set an alarm: 

  • For each weekday at 6:00 am (to go to work).
  • For Saturdays at 8:30 am (to be on time for children's coaching).  
  • For Sunday's at 9:30 am (to never miss your Sunday jog). 

When the alarm is triggered the tracker vibrates for 80 seconds (unless you stop it by pressing the tracker button). There is no ringing, so it will not wake your sleep partner. 


Alarm of inactivity

You can set an alarm which will vibrate your tracker at an interval of 1 minute to 24 hours.   

Alarms are set by:  

MENU  > Set up my devices > Select your AM3 > Sleep alarm or Active alarm. 



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