I can't link my tracker to my iHealth account (1st use - iOS)

Our activity trackers use Bluetooth 4.0 technology (also known as Bluetooth Smart or BLE). This new technology no longer requires manual twinning/pairing using the Bluetooth menu of the iPhone/iPad. 

If you experience difficulties signing in on first use, please perform the following troubleshooting steps: 

Make sure that Bluetooth is activated and for this first use a stable WiFi/3G/4G connection that is well established on your iPhone/iPad. 

On the tracker

  • Press and hold the tracker button. Release the button when the message "Restart complete" is displayed on the tracker screen (after about 10 seconds). 

On the iPhone/iPad:   

Note - Before turning off Bluetooth, if the AM3 tracker appears in the "My Devices" list in the Bluetooth menu, you must remove it from the list.  Click on the blue "i" icon > Forget this device  

  • Restart the iPhone/iPad. 
  • Reactivate Bluetooth. Do not try to manually connect the tracker at this stage.
  • Start the iHealth MyVitals app and sign in to your account.  
  • MENUSet up my devices Select a new device > Activity tracker > AM3. 

Important: You cannot connect your tracker to a new iHealth account without first performing a Reset.

Note: if during first use the message "Launch the app to start" does not appear on the tracker screen, please contact our support team.

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