My measurement results is not syncing to the App/Cloud

Make sure the silhouette icon appears under the Wi-Fi icon when the body fat is displayed on the scale.

If it doesn't appear, it means that the scale doesn't identify you.

1. Make sure you have well been added as a new user of the scale. How to add a new user.

2. Make sure the difference between the weight measured by the scale and the weight registered in your profile is less than +/-3Kg (+/-6.1 lbs). Edit your weight in your profile if the difference is higher than +/-3Kg (+/-6.1 lbs). MENU > Edit Profile > Weight


Specific case: Firmware r109

If your problem persists, please check the firmware version of your scale.

To do that, remove one battery and re-install it.

During the reboot process, the firmware version of the scale is displayed (r1xx).

If the firmware version is r109, make sure the scale is well connected to your Wi-Fi network (Wi-Fi icon displayed on the scale) and wait until the following day.

During the night, an update will be automatically downloaded and installed in the scale. A bug of synchronization (when more than one user is registered in the scale) has been fixed in following firmware version (since r110).


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