How do I install my iHealth Track blood pressure monitor?

 First use

  1. Install the batteries with correct polarity.
  2. Connect the cuff to the blood pressure monitor.
  3. To set the blood pressure monitor's date and time (optional but recommended for better tracking): 
    • If you have not already done so, download the free iHealth MyVitals app on the App Store or Google Play depending on the model of your smartphone then create your iHealth account.
    • Start the iHealth MyVitals app. 
    • Make sure Bluetooth is activated on your smartphone.
    • Go to: MENU > Set up my devices > Select a new device > Blood pressure monitor > Track (KN550BT).
    • Press the Memory/Synchronise button on the blood pressure monitor and press Next in the App.

Your iHealth Track blood pressure monitor is ready! Give it a try, take a measurement.

Note -  The iHealth Track blood pressure monitor is a connected blood pressure monitor but can also be used without ever connecting it to a smartphone. However, in this case you must set the date and time manually


Video: Installation of iHealth Track



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