How to take a measurement

Preparation for a measurement

To ensure reliable measurements, please follow the precautions for use.

  • Relax for 5 minutes before taking a measurement.
  • Sit comfortably in a quiet place, feet flat on the floor, without crossing your legs.
  • Place the cuff on your arm at the same level as your heart. See How to place the cuff properly.
  • Place your hand, with the palm facing up, on a flat surface such as a table.
  • Don't talk and don't move for the entire measurement.
  • Breathe normally.
  • Press the START/STOP button.

Note - You can interrupt the measurement at any time by pressing the START/STOP button on the blood pressure monitor.



The cuff inflates and deflates automatically. When the measurement is finished, the blood pressure and heart rate are displayed on the screen with backlighting whose colour varies depending on the blood pressure measured in accordance with the WHO (World Health Organisation) classification.


Note - If an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia) is detected during measurement, the blood pressure monitor will alert by displaying the icon  at the bottom of the screen to the left of the heart rate value. 

When an irregular heartbeat is detected, measurement of blood pressure may be inaccurate. A new measurement is recommended. Learn more about detecting irregular heartbeat.



Saving in memory is automatic. The iHealth Track blood pressure monitor can store up to 60 measurements in memory. When the memory is full, the oldest measurements in memory are overwritten by the new measurements. To avoid data loss, remember to synchronise before the memory is full. Learn more about synchronising data in memory.

You can consult measurements saved in memory by pressing the Memory/Synchronisation button.

  • The first press displays the number of measurements in memory.
  • The second press displays the average of the last 3 measurements.
  • Each subsequent press displays the measurements from most recent to oldest.

The blood pressure monitor will turn off automatically after one minute to save the batteries. You can also press the START/STOP button to turn it off manually.



To synchronise your measurements with your smartphone you must download the free iHealth MyVitals app on the App Store or Google Play depending on your smartphone and create an iHealth account.

  • Place your phone near your blood pressure monitor.
  • Start the iHealth MyVitals app on your smartphone (be sure Bluetooth is activated in the settings). Then go to MENUBlood pressure
  • Press the Memory/Synchronisationbutton on the blood pressure monitor to start the connection between the blood pressure monitor and your smartphone. The Bluetooth icon on the blood pressure monitor blinks. When connected, the Bluetooth icon on the blood pressure monitor is steady and the Synchronise button in the iHealth MyVitals app.
  • In the app, press A page appears with all the unsynchronised measurements. You can synchronise them all at once or only synchronise those you want to.

Learn more about synchronising data.

Note - The blood pressure monitor's memory is reset to zero when you press the Synchronise button in the app.



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