How to read/delete measurements in memory

Reading measurements in memory

The iHealth Track blood pressure monitor can store up to 99 measurements in memory. When the memory is full, the oldest measurements in memory are overwritten by the new measurements. To avoid data loss, remember to synchronise before the memory is full. See how to synchronise data in memory.

You can consult measurements saved in memory by pressing the Memory/Synchronisation button.

  • The first press displays the number of measurements in memory.
  • The second press displays the average of the last 3 measurements.
  • Each subsequent press displays the measurements from most recent to oldest.

The blood pressure monitor will turn off automatically after one minute to save the batteries. You can also press the START/STOP button to turn it off manually.


Erasing measurements in memory

Rather than erasing measurements in memory, we recommend that you synchronise them with your iHealth MyVitals account. This will permit better monitoring of changes in your blood pressure and will also let you share these data with your doctor or any other person of your choice. See how to synchronise measurements in memory

If you use your iHealth Track without a smartphone and want to permanently delete measurements in memory:

  1. Press the Memory/Synchronisation button 3 times to display the last measurement taken
  2. Press and hold the Memory/Synchronisation button for 3 seconds. A signal sounds to tell you that all measurements in memory have been erased.



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