How to compare BG5 results with laboratory results?

Comparing glucose meter test results with laboratory results

The iHealth system provides you with whole blood equivalent results. The result you obtain from your glucose meter may differ somewhat from your laboratory results due to normal variation. The iHealth system results can be affected by factors and conditions that do not affect laboratory results in the same way.

To make an accurate comparison between the iHealth system and laboratory results, follow the guidelines below.

Before the Lab Test

  • Perform a control solution test to make sure that the meter is working properly.
  • If possible, fast at least eight hours before conducting a comparison test.
  • Take the iHealth system with you to the lab.

While at the Lab

Temperature of the device can affect the result. Keep the glucos meter at the the ambiant temperature of the laboratory  for 30 minutes before testing (especially when outside temperature is very low or very high).

Make sure that samples for both tests are taken and tested within 15 minutes of each other.

  • Wash your hands before obtaining a blood sample.
  • Never use your glucose meter with blood samples collected in a test tube.
  • Use fresh capillary blood only.

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