I cannot connect the iHealth Lite (HS4S)

 If you don't manage to connect the scale to your smartphone:

  1. Make sure the scale is turned on and that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone.
  2. Place your smartphone near your balance (<3m) and keep away the other devices using Bluetooth to avoid interference.
  3. Disable/enable Bluetooth on your smartphone and try again.


If your problem persists

  1. Close all the apps running in the background on your smartphone.

Apple devices - Double click on the home button and swipe up all open apps (iPhone 8 or earlier model) or swipe up from the bottom of the screen and mark a slight pause in the middle of the screen (iPhone 10 or later model and iPad with iOS 12).
Android devices -  Press the "open/recent apps" button then press "close all".

  1. Deactivate Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  2. Restart your smartphone.
  3. After restarting, reactivate Bluetooth and try again.


For Android smartphones running Android 6.0 or a higher version

Since Android 6.0, Google has made it mandatory to share location for Bluetooth Low Energy connections.
If you are unable to connect the scale to your Android smartphone, check that location sharing is enabled with the iHealth app.
To do this, on your smartphone go to Settings > Apps > Select the iHealth app > Permissions > turn on location sharing.



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