Liste of error codes

Liste des messages d'erreur pouvant apparaître sur la balance.


The Bluetooth icon keeps blinking

The Bluetooth connection has failed.
Make sure Bluetooth is activated and the iHealth MyVitals app is running.
If the problem persists, reboot your smartphone. 



Make sure the batteries are installed correctly.
If the problem persists, try with a new set of batteries.



Remove the batteries. Wait 1 minute and insert a new set of batteries.



The user's current weight is outside the measuring range (5 - 180Kg).



The weight measured by the scale is not stable. Place your feet correctly in the middle of the scale and stay still during the measurement.



Bluetooth connection failed.
Turn of then turn on Bluetooth and restart the connection. If the problem persists, restart your smartphone. 



Memory access error.
Remove the batteries. Wait 1 minute and insert the set of batteries again.



Error updating firmware.



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