Online measurement

An online measurement is a measurement made with the iHealth MyVitals app open on your smartphone and account.

See Installation of the iHealth Air (PO3M) pulse oximeter.

Preparation for a measurement

To ensure reliable measurements, please follow the precautions for use.

  1. Place the device on any finger except the thumb. The best is the index or middle finger. See How to place the pulse oximeter properly.
  2. Keep your finger as still as possible, do not run and do not walk throughout the measurement.
  3. Breathe normally.
  4. Once the oximeter/smartphone connection is established, press the button on the device. 


Once measurement starts, the SpO2 level, heart rate and infusion index are displayed on the app's results page.


To complete the measurement, just press the button on the pulse oximeter again or remove your finger. Once the measurement has completed, a summary page is displayed.

To add to your measurement and give your doctor more information about your condition at the time of measurement, you can add notes.



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