Precautions for use

Some precautions of use to observe before and during measurement:

  • While using the oximeter the patient may be seated, standing or lying down.
  • The user must not walk or run while taking the measurement and not move the arm or hand while the device is attached to the finger.
  • It is recommended that the user washes their hands before use.
  • Nail polish, especially if it is dark, can interfere with the measurement's accuracy. It is recommended to remove nail polish before the measurement.
  • The measurement can be taken on any finger except the thumb. The best is the index or middle finger.
  • Do not use the device as the only basis for making a medical decision. It is only designed to provide supplementary information that you can share with your doctor or health care staff.
  • Be sure to keep your finger as still as possible during use, as the device can misconstrue excessive motion as a heartbeat.
  • The device does not provide alarms; there is no sound to warn you if your blood oxygen rate is too low, nor if your pulse rate is too fast or slow.
  • Don't talk, don't move and breathe normally for the entire measurement.



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