How to synchronise offline measurements

Measures taken without the app being open on an iHealth account (called offline measurements) are stored in memory in the pulse oximeter. The device can memorise up to 100 measurements. After that, the oldest measurements are replaced by new measurements. 

All these offline measurements are automatically synchronised as soon as one of the oximeter's users establishes a connection between the scale and the iHealth MyVitals app. This will happen, for example, as soon as one of the users makes an online measurement (a measurement made with the iHealth MyVitals app open on his account).

Each of the pulse oximeter's users can then retrieve their offline measurements from the Filter data menu in the app.

 To do this, go to MENU > Pulse oximeter > Filter data.


A page appears with all the unsynchronised measurements.

Click on the upload arrow to the right of the measurements that you want to synchronize with your account.


By clicking Edit (on an iPhone/iPad) or by pressing and holding (on an Android smartphone), the app automatically selects all the measurements. Press Upload to upload all the selected measurements to your account. 

Note - The pulse oximeter's memory is reset to zero after synchronisation is complete.


Viewing results in the app

  1. Open the iHealth MyVitals app and sign in to your account.
  2. Go to MENUBlood pressure > list.


Click on one of your measurements to access more information.

To add to your measurement and give your doctor more information about your condition at the time of measurement, you can add notes.



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