iHealth Core (HS6) - Perform a measurement

Measurement procedure

1. Press the scale to turn it on. Wait until "0.0" is displayed on the scale and the Wi-Fi icon remains steady before to step on the scale.

2. Place your bare feet on the 4 electrodes while observing the precautions of use. Keep the position until your weight and your body fat appear on the scale.

If you perform a measurement without bare feet, only your weight will be visible on the scale. 

3. All the parameters of your body composition are visible in the application after synchronization of the measurement.
Synchronization is done automatically, but you can also do it manually going to MENU > Weight > Sync data now .

To check the details of your measurement go in Menu > weight > List and select the measure you want to check


Video: Measurement procedure and synchronization




Several users have a similar weight. Select the user number

The scale identifies the user among those registered according to his weight.

When several users registered in the balance have a similar weight (at +/- 3 Kg; +/-6.61 lbs), the balance prompts the user to select his/her user number from those whose measured weight matches.

For instance: 3 users are registered in the scale.

  • User 1 = 80 Kg
  • User 2 = 63 Kg
  • User 3 = 83 Kg

Users 1 and 3 have a similar weight (at +/- 3 Kg; +/-6.61 lbs). When one of them performs a measurement, the balance asks the user to choose between user 1 or 3 in order to identify him/her and send the measured data to the correct account.

At the end of the measurement, when the scale can not identify the user (several users having a corresponding weight), a user number is displayed on the scale.

Press the lower left or right corner to select the user number. Without action on the scale for 3 seconds, the choice is automatically validated and the data sent to the selected account.


Video: Select user number (when several users have a similar weight)


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