How to place the blood pressure monitor properly

Blood pressure can be affected by the position of the device and by your physiological state. It is very important to keep your wrist at heart level throughout the measurement.

Note - The design and algorithm of the iHealth Sense are optimized for measurements on left wrist. To ensure the most accurate measurements possible, we recommend that you make measurements only on the left wrist.


  • Sit comfortably, legs uncrossed, feet flat on the floor. 
  • Stay still while the measurement is being taken. 
  • Use the iHealth blood pressure monitor bracelet on the left wrist only.
  • Place your hand, palm facing upward, in front of you and wrap the cuff around the bare wrist, 2 cm below the fold of the wrist. If the monitor is placed properly, the iHealth logo will be placed at the bottom.

     BP7_Cuff_on_wrist.PNG        BP7_Cuff_on_wrist2.PNG

  • It is recommended to place the blood pressure monitor storage box under your arm to support it and keep it at an optimal height throughout the measurement (at heart height).


  • During an Online measurement the app will guide you to position the device properly at heart level.
  • During an Offline measurement be even more vigilant to correctly respect the placement of the device at heart level.




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