Online measurement

An online measurement is a measurement made with the iHealth MyVitals app open on your smartphone and account.

  1. Start the iHealth MyVitals app and sign in to your account.
  2. Go to MENUWeight.
  3. Tap the scale to turn it on and wait until "0" and the WiFi icon is displayed on the screen.


  1. Once the connection between the scale and the app is established, place your bare feet on the 4 electrodes. 

 HS5_connected.png  HS5_measure.png

  1. The scale displays your weight and body fat


  1. In the app, the weight measurement and all body parameters are displayed.

HS5_result.png  HS5_body_composition.png


Note - If you take a measurement without bare feet, the scale will only display your weight. The body fat measurement will display 3 dashes "- - - %".





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