How to install my HS6 Core body analysis scale

What you need

  • A compatible smartphone connected on the Wi-Fi network you want to install the scale 
  • A Wi-Fi router - Here router specifications required
  • iHealth MyVitals app (one account for each user)

How to install my HS6 Core on my Wi-Fi network?

1. Remove the battery protection located in the batteries compartment. SET is displayed on the scale.  

Note -  If SET is not displayed on the scale, open batteries compartment, remove and reinstall one battery then press the SET button.

 2. Launch iHealth MyVitals > MENU > Set up my devices > Select New Device > Scales > Core(HS6)

3. Tap Scan QR code then scan the QR code printed on the back of the scale to register a new user in the scale.

4. Enter your current weight, then tap Done.

Note -  To allow the scale to identify you when you will weight in, the weight recorded at this step must be approximatively the same than the weight measured by the scale (at +/-3Kg; +/- 6.61 lbs).


A user number is assigned to you when the procedure is successfully completed. Retain this user number, it will be useful if several users with a similar weight (at +/-3Kg; +/- 6.61 lbs) are registered in the scale.


5. Configure the Wi-Fi connection



6. Enter your Wi-Fi password

Congratulations! Your scale is now installed on your Wifi network and ready to be used!


Video: Installation of HS6 Core

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